happy 22nd birthday ♡

Sungjong once said this ‘I want to have that kind of charisma that will make all the fans around the world fall in love with me.” and I honestly think that he already succeeded in this. I mean during these years he showed a lot of his side to us. We all know that the he can be very cute but at the same time very sexy. And he really changed a lot since debut. And finally after 3 years he got some invidulal project so we can see a lot more of him from now on. I mean he is obviously getting better as the MC of Super Idol Chart Show and he got his first individual photoshoot too. Hopefully he will get a lot more in the future since he is clearly interested in modeling and obviously he is a great model. Anyway I could go on a lot more why Sungjong is great and why do i love him but I better stop now. But really, he deserves every good thing in the world ;;